Word Puzzle SmartTV App Review

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Bndnet, is a development house based in the far east that has been making quite a few SmartTV apps of recent. One of their popular apps called Word Puzzle is a simple, fun yet education SmartTV app that we are definitely enjoying using. The app recently won $50,000 in Android’s recent developer challenge, which I am sure the developers were very pleased with indeed.

So what is the premise behind the game? Well its simple really. Upon starting the app, you are presented with 3 options, Start, Settings and Help. Clicking on the settings allows you to select your difficulty level, from 3 levels. Once you have selected the difficulty, click start and the game begins.

You are presented with a picture and a word that is missing one letter. The word is spoken out by a friendly cartoon character and the objective is to select the letter that completes the word. My 6 year old really enjoyed using this game. She found it engaging and fun. I personally think it’s down to the simplicity of the game and the vibrant graphics. It also seems to have many different levels and words to complete. We played with it for nearly 2 hours and new words just kept on coming.

Overall, it is a brilliant way for children to work on their spellings whilst having fun at the same time. The navigation is so easy that the game play just flows on seamlessly. Well done bndnet. We commend you on a great app that allows children to learn and have fun. We would love to see this developed further with additional word games so please continue to update this app. We like it so much that it gets a 5 out of 5 from us here at CoolSmartTV!