What do the Samsung SmartTV Model Numbers Mean?

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So youve brought your new Samsung TV or you are looking at buying one and need to understand what the model numbes mean. Well look no further, here is an explanation of what each Samsung SmartTV device number means.

The first part is the type of screen, the second part is the country/region, the third part is the size, the furth part the year, the fifth part is the series and the last part is the variant of TV. See below for more info.


P = Plasma

A = Australia
E = Europe
N = North America

A = 2008
B = 2009
C = 2010
D = 2011
E = 2012

For example, the UN55B8500 is an 8 series (500 variant) 55″ LED TV in North America from 2009.

To find your model number you can check your owner’s manual or the TV’s box. If you need to find it on the TV, it’s typically behind the right hand speaker side (if you were looking at the watchable part of the TV).

Alternatively, go to the TV’s menu and press the UP arrow one time. You should see Support or Contact Samsung in the menu that comes up. Your model number should be in the ‘Contact Samsung’ section.