Use Multi-Link to view multiple things on your Samsung 2014 Smart TV simultaneously

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Multi-Link Screen lets you use up to four screens on a UHD TV or two screens on a Full HD TV simultaneously on one screen. This gives you the ultimate multi-viewing experience as you can watch TV and YouTube videos, browse the web and watch TV, watch two different TV shows at the same time, or watch TV and play with your apps. Samsung’s Multi-Link Screen brings a whole new level of entertainment to your TV.

To use Multi-Link, please see below:

Before using Multi-Link screen, make sure the TV is connected to the Internet.

Using Multi-Link screen requires an Internet connection.

(In the U.S.A and Canada) Before using SMART HUB with Multi-Link screen, go to On TV Settings(SMART HUB → On TV Settings → Set Up Service Provider) and finish configuring SMART HUB if you haven`t done so already.

(For other countries) If you launch Multi-Link screen but have not yet configured SMART HUB, a pop-up window appears. In the pop-up window, select Set Up SMART HUB. You must configure SMART HUB before you can use Multi-Link screen.

Launching Multi-Link Screen

1. Press M.Screen on the Samsung Smart Control to launch the Multi-Link Screen.

Using the Multi-Link Screen

1. UHD and FHD contents and channels can not be viewed simultaneously. Launching Smart Hub while using Multi-Link screen automatically terminates Multi-Link screen.

Certain TV features and apps may not be supported by the Multi-Link screen feature. If this is the case exit from Multi-Link screen and then use the feature as normal.

Selecting a feature

1. Press the Samsung Smart Control`s M.SCREEN button while Multi-Link Screen is running. The options menu will appear.

2. Select a feature from the options menu.
※ Features supported by Multi-Link Screen vary depending on your country.

Changing the Channel/Volume

1. Place the pointer or focus over the screen on which you want to change the channel or adjust the volume.

2. Use the channel buttons to change the channel or the volume buttons to adjust the volume.

Pairing Bluetooth headphones

Pairing Bluetooth headphones to the TV lets you to hear the audio from a different screen through the headphones.

– Some mobile headphones may not not be compatible.
– Sync issues may occur depending on the video and audio and on the devices used.
– The headphones and the TV may disconnect depending on the distance between them.
– You can`t use Bluetooth headphones, TV SoundConnect and Surround features simultaneously.
– When Multi-Link Screen is terminated the Bluetooth headphones will be disconnected.

1. Put the Bluetooth headphones in the pairing-ready status. Refer to the headphones’ manual for instructions on enabling the pairing-ready status.

2. Press the Samsung Smart Control`s M.SCREEN button while Multi-Link Screen is running.
The options menu appears.

3. Select Settings from options menu.

4. Select Connect Bluetooth Headphones from the Settings menu. The TV will display the Bluetooth pairing window
and then automatically scan for available headphones.

– If the scan fails to locate your headphones try placing the headphones closer to the TV and then select Refresh.

5. Select your headphones from the list of scanned headphones and then select Pairing & Connection to pair
the headphones and the TV.

Setting the Audio-Source Screen

You can listen to audio from one screen through the speakers and audio from a different screen through
the Bluetooth headphones.

1. Press the Samsung Smart Control`s M.SCREEN button while Multi-Link Screen is running. The options menu will appear.

2. Select Settings from the options.

3. Select Speaker Settings from the Settings menu.

4. Select a screen for TV Speaker and another for Bluetooth headphones.

– The same screen can not be selected for both TV Speaker and Bluetooth headphones.
– Auto is only supported by the TV speaker. Bluetooth headphones are not supported.
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