TV Fish Bowl SmartTV App Review

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This app has been on the scene for a while now, but the developers (Busidol) have just updated it and have made it a lot more interactive. The app allows you to breed fish in a fish bowl by feeding the spawn both when you start and as your fish grow.

The game starts with a blank tank and one piece of spawn, as you feed the tank by pressing the red button the spawn turns into your first fish! Then the more you feed and the more time you give the game, the more fish you’ll get and the more you will be able to do with the tank such as changing the background, adding new fish, more spawn, etc. The game becomes really interactive after a while and having your own personal fish tank on your large SmartTV screen is absolutely lovely!

The only down sides from our perspecitive is the animation as it can be sluggish. It would also be nice to have real images of fish as apposed to cartoon like fish. Either-way, its quite fun and the more you use it, the more you get attached to your virtual fish! Looking forward to seeing this one developed further!