Toys Race SmartTV App Review

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Toys Race is a very graphically slick game. From the moment you launch the app, you can tell this is a well put together app. The graphics are very sharp and the colours are outstanding. The aim of the game is to get your toy car around the race track that you choose. You can play a championship (where you work your way up race by race) or just a one off game by choosing any track.

So once you press start, you first need to choose your race type and then car as below:

Then you choose your track and off you go. The way you control your car is by pressing the up button. This accelerates the car around the track, when you reach a corner, you have to make sure the accelerator is not pressed otherwise you will fall off the track. It sounds simple, but it honestly really isn’t.

The issues with this game is that whilst alot of effort has gone into, we just feel as if the game-play isnt there. The cars are hard to control around the track and its not easy to keep them on especially around the corners. The cars are also hard to see on the track and do appear quite small. There is also a delay when you accelerate and de-accelerate the car which doesn’t help.

The above aside, however, I do commend the developers of this app for putting a visually stunning app together. I am hoping the game-play will be improved in later updates which will marry the lovely graphics. All in all, good stuff!