Time TV SmartTV App Review

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Time, the well renown new agency has just released a SmartTV app exclusively to the Samsung SmartTV platform called TIME TV featuring all the great insight, analysis, breaking news, photography and video you have come to expect from TIME magazine and TIME.com delivered directly to your TV in both full and half screen modes. The app claims to be updated over a hundred times a day and from our experience with the app it does seem like a valid statement as we saw the content getting updated routinely throughout the day.

The app when launched provides you with a navigation menu across the top featuring the follow:

  • Top Stories – This section features all the latest news in both text and video formats,
  • Lightbox – This is a gallery of all Times recent news photos, which can be displayed as a slideshow and in full screen,
  • Videos – This area features all the recent news videos that once selected are played one after the other,
  • Newsfeed – This is an area of text based news items regularly updated,

Now from the above, you kind of get a feel for what Time are trying to do with this app. Rather than just focussing on videos, Time is trying to showcase the huge library of content they have by focusing on their photos and text news items too and this tactic really pays off for the end user. I must admit, that I really enjoyed using the app as each content area felt different due to the way it was presented.

Another nice feature of the app is a widget that can be turned of to display recent news across the bottom of the screen whilst you are watching the TV as normal. I also liked how both text, photos and videos could be viewed in half screen and full screen mode as this is always a big plus point with any SmartTV app. The last update time of the news content is also always visible at the top right corner of the app so you know just how recent the news items are.

For a news app, this really is something that has been well executed. It performs well, look good and has a lot of what you need from an app of this nature and that is varied content. You also getting the feeling that Time were trying to do something different with this app and for those reasons we are giving this one a 4 out of 5. Well done to TIME TV!