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  • Word Puzzle SmartTV App Review

    Bndnet, is a development house based in the far east that has been making quite a few SmartTV apps of recent. One of their popular apps called Word Puzzle is a simple, fun yet […]

  • TED SmartTV App Review

    TED is an international set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. TED was founded in 1984 as a one-off event and has grown into an […]

  • TMZ SmartTV App Review

    TMZ is a hugely successful celebrity news website that debuted on November 8, 2005. It was a collaboration between AOL and Telepictures Productions, a division of Warner Bros. Regularly referenced by the media, TMZ […]

  • Dibo Sticker Book SmartTV App Review

    Dibo the purple Disney dinosaur appears to be all over the App store in the Samsung SmartTV market place. He has so many apps to his name and probably the most popular app star […]

  • YouTube SmartTV App Review

    YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing site, is pretty much on every device available to us. It has become one of those services that we simply cannot live without so its not surprising […]

  • AquaTV SmartTV App Review

    AquaTV is yet another SmartTV app from the talented development house at Busidol. The app allows you to watch almost realistic fish swim around your SmartTV screen whilst you feed them and see them […]

  • Picture Story SmartTV App Review

    Picture Story is a children’s painting app that has been brought to us by a development house called Welgate, a team who are new kids on the block when it comes to SmartTV app […]

  • Giggly Matching Pairs SmartTV App Review

    Dibo (of Giggly fame) is a purple dinosaur/dragon character that seems to have loads of apps to his name. The character, who reminds me a bit of the famous Barney, is an attempt to capture the […]

  • LoveFilm SmartTV App Review

    Streaming rented movies online has now official overtaken physical dvd rentals as more and more people are purchasing media streamers and internet connected TV’s, not adding the huge amount of people that watch movies […]