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  • Smart Minute Video – 3D Video

    With Samsung Smart TV you can get the whole 3D experience right in your living room. With Total 3D we’re talking about full HD 3D picture quality, 3D sound and ergonomic 3D glasses. Check […]

  • Smart Minute Video – AllShare

    We all have stuff we want to show off to our friends – with Samsung Smart TV it doesn’t matter where you keep your media because you can always show it off on your […]

  • Smart Minute Video – Skype App

    The Skype app for Samsung Smart TV is a great way to communicate face to face with the people you care about without even having to leave your own living room. You can watch […]

  • Smart Minute Video – Social TV

    Social Media is basically everywhere, and there’s new ways to use it all the time. With Social TV features, watching and sharing your favourite shows and movies just got a lot easier. Watch Samsungs […]

  • Smart Minute Video – Search All

    When there’s so much content out there it can be tough to scour endless media just to find what you’re looking for. Luckily with Samsung Smart TV you can get the guess work out […]