Start developing apps for the Samsung Smart TV’

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Samsung has now fully moved its operating system for the 2016/2017 Smart TV’s from the Android based Smart Hub to its own proprietary Tizen operating system. It’s an approach they are taking with many of their products and no doubt the Tizen OS is going to be a platform that developers will be embracing due to the market share Samsung has in the TV space.

If you want to start building apps then there are some very good guides that the folks at Samsung have put together to get you started along with the associated software development kits which can be downloaded via the links at the end of this article. To summarise however, please find the three initial steps to begin developing apps on the Samsung Smart TV’s as summarised below.

Installation of TV SDK

– To develop application, you need to install SDK. You can download SDK on Download.
– To install and use SDK, conditions required are:
SDK IDE requires Java Development Kit in version 1.8 or higher. Please install JDK.
Because emulator runs on virtual machine, you can’t use it in the following condition. (It is OK to use bootcamp.)

Creating Certificates

– All applications must be signed with certificate. It is used to identify application developer and protect applications from mixing and misusing. It is created by SDK installed on each PC. Please refer to Creating Certificates.

Using Emulator

– Even if you have no Samsung TV for Tizen platform, you can run application by using emulator. Please note that emulator should run first before running application. It is different from other platforms (e.g. Android). You can refer to TV emulator.

To find out more please see the links below:

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More details on the Tizen OS from a technical perspective can be found in the webinar video below: