Solar System Planets SmartTV App Review

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Once again the guys at Busidol have developed another fantastic app for us SmartTV users. This time its focused on learning the solar system – A subject that is alway very important to me. The app has 2 basic modes. The first being a walk through each planet in the solar system with some facts about each planet in an easy to understand page. The second is a quiz that allows you the viewer to guess which order the planets are supposed to be in. This is a great way for children and adults a like to learn and then test thereafter.

I really enjoyed using this app especially being someone who is into all things space orientated. Its one of those apps that I think will appeal to children as well as adults as the learning aspect and quiz are a good way to engage people. Vizually it looks very good too.

The only downside is that there should of been more content than just one quiz. oh well….maybe we will see something in the future updates of this app.