Skype SmartTV App Review

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The Skype app on the Samsung SmartTV is simply amazing. I have been using it regularly with the Samsung STC1100 external web cam that mounts very perfectly and discreetly on the top of my TV. The camera boasts HD quality at 720p video capture which when married with the Skype app makes a beautiful partnership. With the 2012 versions of Samsung SmartTVs a camera has been built in but initial reviews so far have been that the inbuilt camera just isnt as good in terms of video quality as the externally mounted one. Lets hope this is something Samsung is looking at with their future TV’s,

The app comes preloaded with the SmartTV so there is no need to download it. Simply select Skype from SmartHub and you are on way to video calling with a great user interface. First you need to login with your Skype account. If you don’t have one then the great thing with this app is that you can create one there and then on your TV.

We found the sign-in process to be very fast and once we were logged in searching for contacts was also just as smooth and fast.

The video calling feature works really well and you also have the ability to change between full screen of either yourself or the person you are calling which is very neat – especially on a huge SmartTV screen.

There is also a handy signal indicator at the top right of the screen which shows the signal strength of the person you are calling and if we did experience any drop outs or lost connections it was always on their end as opposed to our. We also tested this on a wireless connection to our TV and were very impressed with just how stable the calls were. Another great thing about this app is that you can stay signed on even whilst you are watching TV, which is a handy feature, especially if you are heavy Skype user.

Overall, this app is one of the best Skype apps I have ever used. It is stable, the user interface is simple yet elegant, navigating around the app is nippy and all in all it is simply perfect. The only downside is that the sound quality could be improved a little. But hey, you cant have everything! 5 out of 5 for us here at CoolSmartTV!