SHOUTcast Radio SmartTV App Review

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SHOUTcast is a radio network that aggregates internet radio stations from around the world and publishes via their website and various apps. They are also the creators of the popular PC media player software – Winamp. The index of radio stations they currently offer sits at 54, 026 as of today, which by all means is a lot of radio stations to choose from.  So, being someone who has used both their apps and radio network, to say I was a bit excited when I saw this app in SmartHub is a big understatement!

So when you launch the radio player, you are presented with a list of options at the top of the screen. These sections consist of ‘top stations’, ‘all genres’, ‘favourites’, ‘recent’ and ‘search’. The top stations area is the first page you see and there is already a list of stations that are pre-populated in this list according to what their listeners are listening to popularity wise.

So off I went to search for some radio stations. First I went to ‘genres’ and I was amazing by how many different styles of music there were. Selecting a style took me into a list of stations very quickly with no lag or delay which was nice. When I selected a radio station, the station played and buffered instantly. Impressive I thought. What was even better was that I could still carry on browsing for music whilst my radio station continued to play. 

Another handy feature is that you can see the bit rates for each stream. This basically tells you how good the quality of audio was. Something that I always look out for as I don’t like listening to internet radio in non stereo and poor qualities.

As you are browsing through the radio stations, you can also press the ‘green’ button on your remote to add them to your favourites to listen to later, which was also extremely handy. Before the first track on my first radio station had just finished, I already had 8 stations in my favourites list! 

The search function also works really well. I tested it out with words and styles that tested SHOUTcast’s radio indexing and was very impressed with the results. I also loved the way the music player at the bottom of the screen was very discreet and did not take away any real estate from the screen.

Overall, this has to be one of the best Samsung SmartTV apps I have used. Its responsive, fast, has a clean user interface, the sound quality is great, its reliable every single time I have used it (which is a lot I must add) and more importantly it does what it says on the tin! 5 out of 5 for a wonderful app! Well done SHOUTcast – I commend you!