Samsung Keyboards Overview

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We’ve all been faced with the issue of remotes that clutter up our coffee tables. That was at a time when you had multiple devices connected to your TV. However, we are now at am amazing time when one TV can pretty much do it all and one TV, means one remote!

If you’ve ever, for example, tried to use your remote with an onscreen keyboard to change the name of a recording, enter a password or surf the web, you’re probably already seething at the memory. The people in labs coats at Samsung HQ feel your rage and have brought the remote control unit into the 21st century with two options that provide a worthy companion to your brand new Smart TV.

If you like the feedback provided by a physical keyboard, the RMC-QTD1 Flip is a two-faced lovely providing a button-driven QWERTY keyboard on one side and a conventional remote control interface on the flip. A built-in screen means you don’t have to check your spelling on the TV as you type, plus, with the Anynet+ feature, you can operate compatible Blu-ray players and surround systems connected to a Smart TV – no need for multiple handsets. Now, that’s one remote to rule them all!

There’s also an app which, downloaded to mobile gadgets – including Samsung smartphones, tablet computers and iThings – allows them to do duty as a Smart TV controller. All the usual TV controls are provided, plus there’s a virtual keyboard that communicates your content searches, Twitter feeds and Facebook posts over WiFi to your Smart TV.