Samsung Explore 3D SmartTV App Review

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As we all know Samsung has been pushing and promoting their investment into 3D technology since the launch of the ground breaking SmartTV’s and whilst 3D is still something that has not entered everyone’s living room, we are not far away from it becoming a standard feature in every home. To make the most out of 3D on your SmartTV rather than having to rely on renting/purhcasing DVD’s or Bluray’s, Samsung has kindly created an ‘Explore 3D’ app that features tons of free 3D footage that I for one welcome indeed! Its also a nice free way of showing off 3D to friends and family!

The app can be launched through the SmartHub via the Explore 3D icon and from the moment it launches you can tell you are in for a treat. What you get in terms of footage is dependent on which country you are so the content is varied depending on your location.

Once launched you are presented with a number of menu icons at the top which consist of most recent, trailers, music, kids, documentary and sports. The navigation around the content in each area is very slick with dvd cover like thumbnails for each content item that scroll in a 3D’esk type way from left to right.

As soon as you select something, you are presented with another screen giving you a overview of the selected footage with the option to play or view additional photos on the footage in question.

Once you click play, the footage starts and the very handy familiar prompt in the bottom right hand side of the screen asking you to turn your glasses on.

The footage really is outstanding as it is in high def and as with Samsung’s 3D technology, it’s also very immersive. We spent lots of time as a family scrolling through the content and especially the documentaries that look simply stunning.

Overall, the app is really well presented, fast, slick and as a bonus the content is growing gradually. The sound quality is also in full glorious stereo and simply adds to the experience.

The only downside is that we did experiencing major buffering issues even with a 60meg broadband connection. It didn’t matter when we tried this in terms of the time of the day, the buffering was always there so we had no choice but to pause the footage to allow the buffering to get a head start. Now this could boil down to 2 things; either it’s the app that was causing this or the fact that the 3D footage is just too big to stream (even with a 60meg connection). I for one think that we really need a connection around the 1000meg mark for it to stream with no issues and that we simply are not ready for 3D streaming, but I could also be wrong! What do you think? Let us know by giving your comment on this below.

Either way, the app is really good and at the end of the day it is something that is free and also promotes 3D tech. We are going to give the app 4 out of 5 due to the free nature and extensive amounts of great things to watch in glorious 3D. Well done Samsung, please have a look at the buffering issues though. Maybe it’s something you could tweak taking into account average broadband speeds in the age we live in today!