Picture Story SmartTV App Review

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Picture Story is a children’s painting app that has been brought to us by a development house called Welgate, a team who are new kids on the block when it comes to SmartTV app development. Now I am a big fan of paining apps for children regardless of the form factor you are using the app on be it a phone, tablet or pc. The main reason I love these sort of apps is because they really do allow children to be as creative as they want without using messy paints and damaging walls, tables and furniture in the process!

So, off we went to test the app, once again, with my 5 year old at hand to provide her expert and honest response to the app. As soon, as you launch the app, you are presented with a screen showing you 8 different pictures you can paint. You can change the page to select a different batch of pictures which in total gives you 40 different images! That’s a lot of paintings to keep your children occupied.

So first we selected a picture and as my daughter loves her fruit, she chose the watermelon. Now the way this works is in 2 ways. You can either press enter repeatedly and the brush moves from each part of the picture and paints it for you giving a young child the feeling of paining something just by pressing one button. This in my opinion is great for very young kids as it is very engaging and gives them the feeling of achieving a fully painted picture with little effort.

The second way you can play this is by pressing the left and right button to select a colour. Once you have done this you can press up and down to choose a part of the paining and then enter applies the colour. Now it did seem a little fiddly at first but my daughter took to it very quickly and before I know she had already painted 5 pictures. She really did enjoy this one!

Overall, I really liked this app. The choice of pictures was extensive, the user interface is nice but can be improved, the sound was ok (but hey, it’s a paining app – do we really need sound?) and the enjoyment factor was brilliant.

I for one will be using this app with my child regularly as it just works, she genuinely enjoyed it and I know she will not get bored due to the huge choice of pictures to paint. Another great feature is very young children can also use it in basic mode and all they have to do is keep pressing one button, so it’s actually an app that will work for young children as well as slightly older ones too. Well done to the developers. This really is a great app. 4 out of 5 for this one!