LoveFilm SmartTV App Review

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Streaming rented movies online has now official overtaken physical dvd rentals as more and more people are purchasing media streamers and internet connected TV’s, not adding the huge amount of people that watch movies on their laptops and tablets. According to recent report 3.4 billion online movie viewings will take place this year in comparison to 1.4 billion last year. Those certainly are some very big numbers! So with this is mind we decided to review the LoveFilm app which we have been using, with great results, for many months now.

The app at its early stage was buggy on the Samsung TV’s. All you had to do was search around on forums to see just how many people had drop outs and major buffering issues. However, as of early this year, LoveFilm updated the software and it is now almost perfect. The drop outs and buffering issues have gone and you can actually watch, fast forward and rewind a full HD film over your internet connected SmartTV with great ease and efficiency.

When you first launch the app, you need to login and activate your TV with your own FilmFirst activation code that you have purchased. Once done, then you are all set to enjoy over 70,000 titles ready to stream online. You can also add films to your watch list for them to be posted out to you which is a nice feature.

Films are segmented into genres, staff picks and collections such as ‘things for the kids’, ‘action’ or simply TV shows in order of name. There really is a lot of content, so expect to see yourself browsing through the catalog in great detail!

Once you have selected your film, you click watch and the film starts. One great thing about this app is that from the moment the film starts, you can fast forward to say 40 minutes into the film and it actually feels like you are fast forwarding a physical dvd as the responsiveness is that good. If you stop a movie, when you next launch the app and go to the same movie you have the option of continuing where you left off which was nice.

The picture quality is breathtaking, I was blown away at just how good it was. Sound was amazing too. Now I must add that I tested this on a 60meg and 40meg connection and the results where as above. Testing this on a connection of 10meg though would be a different matter as the responsiveness when fast forwarding would probably be a bit more sluggish. Feel free to tell what you think if you have a connection lower than this.

Overall, this is one serious movie app. The catalog is huge, it’s easy to get things posted to you, video quality is outstanding, the sound is brilliant and it works every single time I use it. I think they have done a really good job. LoveFilm re also conscious about what their user base thinks of the app and any technical orientated emails we sent them were always replied to instantly. I think they are on to a huge winner with this one and for those reason, LoveFilm, congratulations, you get a 4 out of 5! Well done.