ITV Player On Demand Video SmartTV App Review

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Using a SmartTV video app seems to be a very popular way of catching up with TV programmes on-demand. Just look at the popularity of BBC’s iPlayer and other similar video players. So with this in mind, off we went to test the new ITV player on our SmartTV’s. Now, the app is what you would expect. It has a huge array of content which can be selected via channel or genre. You can view ITV 1, 2, 3, 4, ITV news and CITV too.

Graphically the app is beautiful and the navigation around videos and channels was very elegant indeed. Once you have selected a channel, you can select programs by day, by searching or by featured. It’s all just a matter of scrolling left and right or up and down to go back a step.

Now with these sort of apps, the look and feel comes secondary to the performance. Let’s face it, there is no point in having a nice looking video app, when it takes ages for things to buffer. Taking this into account we felt it was best to test the performance thoroughly. Scrolling through the content, I decided to stick on the very funny inbetweeners. The video came on straight away, the quality was sharp, the sound was great and it did not buffer once! I even watched 6 episodes, one after the other and playback was seamless. Throughout the course of the week, I tested it again and again. I really was impressed with just how well it performed and I am now a regular user of this app.

The app just feel very different and unique for a video based app. Most publishers in the same arena, tend to stick to the usual YouTube like format for displaying and navigating around videos. That’s why we liked ITV’s attempt so much. It felt and looks very sexy indeed! This is a great way to present your content ITV, so well done! Highly recommended from us.