How to use AllShare on your Samsung TV with a DLNA Server

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AllShare is a great way to access all your digital content on your NAS (networked attached storage) device, PC, Phone or any other device at home that supports the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology. For example, in my house I have a NAS box (which is basically a hard drive that connects to my wireless and wired network). This device, publishes itself on my network so any other DLNA certified device can ‘see it’ such as the Samsung SmartTV’s I have. The NAS box also has some software that runs on it which searches the content of the network hard drive and keeps an up to date catalogue of what is stored on the device such as movies, photos and music.

If you haven’t got a NAS device then you can install some software on your Windows PC that gives your PC the DLNA treatment and allows all the good stuff like movies, photos and your music to be streamed to your TV! There is a good list of software you can install on your PC to enable the DLNA function on it at Wikipedia. Check it out here.

For Mac users who want DLNA capabilities, we would recommend Air Playit, Emit Lite or Boxee. For Android Devices, you can try BubbleUPnP. There are loads of DLNA media servers out there so have a good browse on Google and find the right one for you.

Ok, so let’s assume you have a DLNA server such as a PC or NAS box. Now we are ready to rock and roll! Simply launch SmartHub by pressing the SmartHub button and select ‘AllShare’. The icon looks like this:

As long as your DLNA device is on, you will be able to browse the contents of your DLNA device. So let’s click on Videos:

Then you will see a list of all your movies on your DLNA device and then simply click the enter button to play the files. The same process works for your photos and music too!

You can also access your DLNA device that stores your content by pressing the sources button on your SmartTV remote. Once pressed, in your list of sources you will see your DLNA devices, which you can select and browse with the click of a button. Here is a short video by Samsung that guides you through the menus for additional help.

If you need more help from us here at CoolSmartTV, it really is a simple as leaving a comment below and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction!