How to pair your Smart Hub Remote Control to your 2014 Model Samsung Smart TV

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Follow the below steps to troubleshoot issues with your remote control.


Depleted or incorrectly inserted batteries are the most common reasons for remotes not working. Start by replacing the batteries in your remote control with new ones.

Still not working?

Are they inserted correctly? Check that the + and – on your batteries correspond to the + and – in the battery slots in the remote.

Pairing (connecting) your Smart Remote

When you turn on your TV for the first time, your Samsung Smart Remote should pair to your TV automatically.

However, if it is not connecting, you can pair it manually. The pairing method will differ slightly depending on which remote you are using.

What does your remote look like? Click on the picture of your remote to open a link showing you how to pair this remote to your TV.

Don’t see it? It may not be a Smart Remote. Continue troubleshooting below.

Checking the infrared remote and sensor

1. Check the IR on your remote using a digital camera

You can check to see if the infrared (IR) on your remote is working by using a digital camera (including the digital camera on your phone)

Turn your camera on then, aim the remote at the lens of the camera. This should be from fairly close.

Press a button on remote, and check the image on the screen of your camera. You should be able to see the infrared eye light up or flash if your remote is sending a signal.

2. Is there anything blocking the sensor?

If the IR is working, there could be a problem with the sensor on your TV. Firstly, check that there is nothing blocking the sensor – like a DVD player or set top box.

3. Do you have another remote that works on your TV?

If you have another remote that works on your TV, use this to check whether the problem is with the remote or the TV.

4. Turn it off and on again

Remove the batteries from the remote for at least twenty seconds then press the power button on the (empty) remote, then replace the batteries.

Switch the TV itself off and on again.

5. Do you have IR earphones?

If you have earphones that you use with the TV, these often use IR technology. Plug your earphones into the jack, then remove them. If there are problems, this might reset it.