How to Create a New Folder and Move Apps to it on Samsung SmartHub

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I for one download alot of apps! That tends to clutter my SmartHub home-screen and can make it hard to find the app you need when you need it!

So with the purchase of yet another Samsung SmartTV (namely the one for the new kitchen), I decided to keep things organized and clutter free using folders. Heres what you need to do in order to create new folders and then move your existing apps into them.

First go to SmartHub by clicking the SmartHub button on your remote. Then click ‘Tools’, then will bring up a menu. Select ‘New Folder’ from here.

Then type in the Name of your new folder and click ok. Your new folder has now been created.

To move an existing app into the new folder, simply select the app you want to move, click the ‘tools’ button to bring up the tools menu and then select ‘Move to Folder’.

This will bring up a page that allows you to select a folder you wish to move the app to. Select the folder and your app is now in the new folder!