How to Convert 2D to 3D or Enhance Standard 3D on a Samsung SmartTV

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The Samsung SmartTV’s have a brilliant feature that allows you to convert normal 2D footage into 3D with a touch of a button and the effect I must add are outstanding. I really couldn’t believe how well it worked the first time I saw it. Now it works well when you are viewing a real life program, but doesn’t work as well when you are watching cartoons or animations, so please bear that in mind.

To start, turn on your normal 2D footage and when you are ready to go 3D, press the button marked 3D on your remote. When you press it, the screen will show the 3D menu which looks likes this:

Then turn your glasses on and the 2D footage will now be in 3D!

To enhance and tweak the 2D to 3D image, you can also go to the ‘3D perspective’ option. To get there first select the ‘menu’ button on your remote.

Then select ‘Picture’.

Then select ‘Picture Mode’.

Then select ‘3D’.

Then select ‘3D Effect’.

Then select ‘3D Perspective’.

From here you can lower or enhance the 2D to 3D perspective or any other 3D footage you may be viewing. This is a handy and hidden menu option that allows you to get the most out of the Samsung 3D feature. Enjoy!