How do I connect my wireless sound bar to my Samsung Smart TV through SoundShare

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SoundShare is a form of Bluetooth connection and it is a function available on select Samsung TVs, wireless portable speakers, sound bars and wireless audio docks. When you connect your Samsung sound bar using the SoundShare feature to a Samsung TV the TV audio will output through your sound bar.

Important: SoundShare is a feature that is exclusive to 2013 and 2014 model Samsung televisions. This guide will not work for Samsung TVs released before 2013.

You will need:

Samsung 2013, or 2014 TV with the SoundShare feature.
Samsung TV remote control.
Samsung sound bar remote control.

Follow the steps below to connect your Samsung TV and Samsung sound bar through SoundShare.

Power on your TV and set your TV input to where your external device is connected. For example, if your cable box or satellite receiver is connected to your TV on HDMI 1 then set your TV to HDMI 1.

Power on your sound bar.

Place the sound bar within 20 inches of the TV (you can move it later) and then press the SoundShare button on your sound bar remote control. The front display of the sound bar will read ‘TV’ and then ‘TV SoundShare’ will scroll across the display.
Alternatively you can press the Source button on your Sound bar remote and toggle through all the inputs and set to TV SoundShare.

Using the TV remote bring up your TV menu and locate the SoundShare settings. The following steps
For 2014 TVs (H): Menu>Sound>Speaker Setting>SoundShare Settings>Add New Device>ON
For 2013 TVs (F): Menu>Sound>Speaker Setting>SoundShare Settings>Add New Device>ON

When the prompt appears (you may need to wait 30 seconds for it to appear) use the directional arrow buttons on your TV remote to select Yes and then press enter. A ‘connecting’ prompt will quickly appear before a confirmation prompt displays. OK is automatically highlighted. Press Enter. The audio will begin outputting through the sound bar within 8-10 seconds. You can now move the sound bar up to 16 feet away from the TV.

The Sound bar display will read ‘TV CONN’ and will dim out until there is no display. This is normal and it is done so as not to intrude on your TV watching experience.
The TV Speaker Select settings will automatically change from TV speakers to SoundShare when a connection is established with a SoundShare device.

If you miss the prompt wait about 10 seconds before it displays again. If it does not then press the Return button on your TV remote control to return to the SoundShare settings menu and repeat step 5 again.
If you do not see a prompt verify that the sound bar is powered on and press the SoundShare button again to place it in SoundShare mode.

Using SoundShare

Once your TV and Sound bar are paired you can use your TV or Sound bar remote to adjust the volume and power on/off the devices. If your satellite receiver or cable box remote control is programmed to operate your TV you can also use the volume buttons on that remote control to adjust the volume. See your satellite receiver or cable box owner’s manual for programming codes and instructions for programming the 3rd party remote control to operate your Samsung TV.

When you power off your TV with either the sound bar or TV remote control the sound bar will automatically power off. When you power on your TV with either the sound bar or TV remote control the sound bar will automatically power on. To disable this function press down the Source button on the sound bar remote control for more than five seconds while the sound bar is powered off. Once this function is set to off the sound bar will power off automatically when the TV is powered off but will not power on automatically when the TV is powered on. If your remote control does not have a Source button (HW-F355/FM35) press the Function button on the front panel for five seconds instead and be sure the sound bar is off.

Powering on your sound bar first will not power on your TV.
Some buttons on your sound bar remote control may display ‘Not available’ on the sound bar front display (Auto Power, Speaker, Play, Next, Prev, Stop) because those functions are not available when using SoundShare. Auto Power, for example, is only available when using an optical audio connection.

Powering off your sound bar will change the TV speakers settings to TV and the audio will be output through your TV speakers. Alternatively you can go to to the TV audio menu and change the external speaker settings to TV.
If the distance between the sound bar and your TV is over 16 feet the connection or the sound may cut off. If this occurs simply repeat the steps above to reconnect the TV and sound bar.