Giggly Theme Dictionary SmartTV App Review

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Giggly Theme Dictionary is an app aimed at very young children. The app allows you to go through a number of themed areas represented as pictures such as a bathroom, jungle, kitchen, etc and the aim of the game (if you really want to call it that), is to scroll left and right through the picture. When you scroll through the images, the item you have selected is then spoken out and is also written on the screen for you to see. That really is it!

My 5 year used it and was bored within seconds, however, my 2 year old niece who tried it was a little bit more interested. I do feel as though more should of been happening with this app such as additional music, information on what you have selected and maybe some animation.

As an app, it is just far too basic and is not really engaging which is a petty as the graphics were quite nice and bright. I am afraid this one has scored quite low due to the lack of appeal and features. Let’s hope the developers take the points above on-board so we can see a better version of this in the future.