Giggly Matching Pairs SmartTV App Review

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Dibo (of Giggly fame) is a purple dinosaur/dragon character that seems to have loads of apps to his name. The character, who reminds me a bit of the famous Barney, is an attempt to capture the kids and children market. So me and my 5 year old daughter thought we would give the Giggly bunch the CoolSmartTV treatment by road testing his  matching cards game.

As soon as you launch the app, you go straight into the game. There are no menus, no options and no level selects. It just starts off with the first game which shows 6 cards. The aim is to match the picture to the word. So for example, match the picture of the drum to the word drum by flipping the cards over in pairs. I must admit, that I did like the word to picture aspect of the game as I thought it was a very educational way for children to learn words.

The downside, is that the sound (or lack of it) makes the game less engaging and the fact that you cannot choose your difficulty or level is also something that makes the game a bit dry. My five year old, who is an honest reviewer and normally engages most games, responded by saying, ‘dad this is a bit boring’ within the first few minutes and I for one had to agree.

I like the concept, but if a product like this is going to be released then more must be done to engage the child playing it as we live in a world where iphone, tablet and pc apps offer so much more.

Never the less, a good try and a good concept. We just wish there was more to play with and that the whole presence of the game was more engaging. Oh well…we look forward to Giggly’s other games!