Do Samsung Smart TV’s have built in Bluetooth adapters?

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Some Samsung televisions have built in Bluetooth adapters in order for them to connect with certain Samsung Bluetooth accessories, including the Smart Touch Control and Samsung’s Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. Some 3rd party accessories are also supported.

Note: the USB ports on TVs will not recognise Bluetooth adapters. There is no means for you to install Bluetooth connectivity in your Samsung TV.

You can check if your Samsung TV has a Bluetooth adapter built in by checking its user manual, which is available as a free download on the Samsung website.

Samsung TVs released in 2013 and 2012 have Bluetooth adapters for use with the Smart Touch Control, the Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard, Samsung 3D glasses, Sound Share devices and most HID- (human interface device) compliant Bluetooth devices.

Samsung TVs released in 2011 have Bluetooth adapters for use with the Samsung QWERTY Remote Control and 2011 3D glasses. TVs released in 2011 do not support 3rd party Bluetooth devices.

Samsung TVs released before 2011 do not contain Bluetooth adapters and, as such, are not compatible with any Bluetooth devices.

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