Dibo Sticker Book SmartTV App Review

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Dibo the purple Disney dinosaur appears to be all over the App store in the Samsung SmartTV market place. He has so many apps to his name and probably the most popular app star out there on the SmartTV’s. This time we are reviewing the the Dibo Sticker Book app. As to be expected with all things Dibo orientated, it is aimed at very young children.

The aim of the game is to work your way through levels represented by pictures by placing a sticker on the sticker book. Now you can only place the correct sticker in the right place. For example, the drum sticker can only go on the drum placeholder within the picture. The other thing that adds a twist is that you have to place the sticker on the placeholder that has an arrow on it, so the child playing the game really has to think about finding the correct sticker.

Navigation is very easy. You press up and down to choose a sticker. Left and right places the sticker on the placeholder and enter applies the sticker. The graphics are in the typical bright cartoon like Dibo/Giggly way. The sound is tranquil and is not bad. Overall the game is fun. My daughter really enjoyed it and she worked her way through 4 levels before moving on to another game.

Its probably the best Giggly/Dibo game out there at the moment, so well done to the developers. It’s good to see that they are making their usually basic Dibo/Giggly games more complexed.