Defence You! SmartTV App Review

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Defence You! is a great app that helps you learn about self defence in both a cartoon and simple way. It has been developed for people who to be honest have never been to a judo or karate lesson in their life. Its basically for a novice user and someone who is new to self defence. Someone like me! What I loved about this app is that it breaks things down into 3 easy to understand catergories. Each category has its own focus and things to learn in a very easy to understand and very graphical way. The 3 categories are:

  • Situation Self Defence Martial Arts – Here you learn what to do if someone grabs say your hand,
  • Simple Self Defence Martial Arts – In this area you are taught tips and lifesaving defence tricks,
  • Self Protections Tools – Here you can learn about tools that are handy when it comes to self defence

Overall the app is very well laid out and we found the graphics (as cortoon like as they were) to be both simple and self explanitory. I actually learned alot from this app. ALthough its not the graphically savy, it sure was informative and overall very usefull. You never know, what I learnt in this app could one day save my life in a self defence situation. We would love to see this app being built on more by its far east developement team, Busidol. Well done and hopefully we will more updates and features added to a lovely idea.