Dailymotion SmartTV App Review

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Dailymotion is a huge French video-sharing website where users can upload, share and view videos. The site is also the second largest video site in the world after YouTube.

So when the Dailymotion SmartTV app launched, I for one was quite excited and was expecting big things. However, I was a little disappointed at the least. The app has all the usual video sharing app features, such as top videos, channels, search, ect and the navigation is very easy to use. 

The downside, is that it doesn’t perform very well. I have a 60meg connection, which is more than capable of streaming high def footage with no problem over the internet via apps like Youtube, Netflix and LoveFilm. Taking this into account, I had repeated buffering issues when selecting random (non-hd) videos. It didn’t matter when I tried this over the 2 week testing period. The result was unfortunately still the same.

Another problem was videos not being available even though they were showing up in the video selection or search results screen. I was consistently told that ‘this video cannot be played’. When i went back to it an hour later, to my surprise it could be played! Why – I really don’t know but must add that it is mis-leading.

Overall, the app does need to be a lot more reliable. As more and more people are embracing high speed internet connections at home and also own SmartTV’s, they will not really have the patience to deal with an app that ‘buffers’ or does not give them the video they can see in their search results. Dailymotion – Better luck next time and please fix your streaming issues as you have a huge fan base that I am sure would love to use your app regularly.