Cosmox SmartTV Game App Review

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Cosmox is a game that reminds me of a mix between Digger, Tetris and Space Invaders. Yes, it really does sound confusing after a statement like that! The aim of the game is to move a space ship around the screen with an aim to get back to the mother-ship. However, when moving up, down, left and right, you have to make sure that there is an asteroid in front of you that stops your path and then allows you to make the next move. If there isn’t an asteroid in front of you then off you go in deep space and you lose a life. Losing all three lives results in game over.

Now the game does have a lot of promise due to the amount of thought required to complete a level, but it is so basic and fiddly that you never quite get into the game-play. The graphics are also very poor and it feels like you are playing a game on a Amstrad 64!!! I was hoping that this game would be a lot better as there is a huge gap in the Smart TV arena for a strategic space orientated puzzler such as this.

The other negative point is that when you progress through the levels and loose all your live, you have to start from the first level which is a pain as it does take quite a lot of effort in competing a level in the first place. By this point you will most likely lose your interest too. It’s a pity as there is a good element of game-play here. It’s just poorly executed.