Broken TV SmartTV App Review

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Broken TV is a great way to freak your friends and family out! Its an app that allows you to mimic the motion of throwing a bomb, hammer or shooting a gun at your TV just by pressing the red button.

So how does it work? When you launch the app, you are presented with a menu asking you to select your weapon of choice.

Once you have decided your weapon of choice (for the purpose of this review I will choose the mighty hammer) then press select. From here on-wards, you are presented with a screen that shows you what each button does. The red button is used to use the weapon. The blue button gets you back to the screen that changes the weapon and the exit button does just that!

So what did we think? We’ll the hammer gave us this:

Pretty cool huh? The sounds were really realistic. It actually felt like the TV had had a huge hammer smashed into it when I pressed the red button. The gun is just as cool and the bomb…well that allows you to break away at your SmartTV and see all the tech, chips and bits inside your TV just as if a huge missle had landed in your living room and hit your lovely SmartTV! This is what the bomb looked like:

Overall, this is a really cool app and a great way to freak people out! I have used on on very cheeky occasions to break the TV just a friend walks passed and then act like it was their fault! Only for a few seconds though! The sounds are amazing. The graphics are sharp and it performs very responsively. The only downside is that their should be more weapons to choose from. Hopefully they will add these in their next update.