BBC Sports SmartTV App Review

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The mighty BBC, who have been pioneers of SmartTV app development, have launched the BBC sports app which promises hours of sports related footage covering football, racing, swimming plus lots more sports goodness! As expected with a BBC app, the look and feel is visually very simple yet elegant. It also performs very fast which is to be expected from the BBC.

Once you launch the app, you are presented with a video wall showing you square boxes for the recent sports videos. You can also scroll from left to right to view more videos and to view them just click ok/select which will open up the video in full screen. Once you have selected and are watching your video, related videos will play automatically after it, giving you a TV program like feel. Now most of the videos are fairly short but in one way it adds to the app as the content seems to change quickly which for me made the videos I was watching more engaging.

If you want to select a particular sport then you can select the option in the bottom right corner which will allow you to go to a desired sport type which then in turn only shows videos for the sport selected.

The video quality was great and the sound was ok. Overall it’s a nice app for both light users who want to get an update on a sport or hardcore sports fans who want the latest sports results and news on the fly. My only negative factor is that there wasn’t an ability to search which is always a benefit with any video based up. Never the less, it’s still one I will be using regularly.