BBC News SmartTV App Review

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Here is yet another news app courtesy of the BBC. Now as usual with a BBC app, it is simple and reliable from a performance perspective. The app does what you would expect it to do by showing you recent byte sized videos related to news in a variety of genres

When the app launches you are immediately presented with a video of a recent breaking news story with a small ticker on the bottom of the screen. To activate the ticker you must press the up arrow which then expands the ticker to show additional news stories . Its then as simple as pressing left and right to choose a desired video.

You can filter the news by news type and whilst you are navigating around the app the video you are watching is always visible.

Now, I like watching BBC news, so I was expecting some great things here, but unfortunately, the app is just far too basic. It doesn’t seem like there are a lot of videos to select and there is also no search function. You can only really watch the limited news items presented to you which just isn’t engaging enough. This app needs to be improved and it simply isn’t good enough in today’s age. Please improve this BBC as its not up to your usual high standards.