Babys Toy RC SmartTV App Review

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Babys Toy RC (not sure what the RC stands for by the way!) is an app that in very simple terms shows you qwerky cartoon pictures of animals with added sound effects. It really is aimed at very young kids around 2-4 years of age. I tested it on my 5 yera old and she was bored within seconds. However, when tested on my 3 year old niece, the app was more engaging. As you press any button (up, down, left, right or ok), the animals scroll to the next image and play a animal noise at the same time. That really is about it!

Overall, the app looks glossy, but once again its another app that is just far to basic. Had the animals been more animated and had they also had some information about them, then we would of rated higher than 2 out of 5.