AquaTV SmartTV App Review

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AquaTV is yet another SmartTV app from the talented development house at Busidol. The app allows you to watch almost realistic fish swim around your SmartTV screen whilst you feed them and see them grow. Now when it comes to these sort of apps, I really do get excited – mainly as I love fish and I also like the idea of fish swimming around on the large Samsung TV in my home. With excitement, I downloaded the app from SmartHub and sat back to watch the app in action. 

Now when you first launch the app, you are taken straight to the main page with 2 fish swimming around in a tank. The animation of the fish is by far the best I have seen on a SmartTV. The fish are not cartoon like, the animation is smooth and I love the way they turnaround in a realistically animated way. You can feed them by pressing the yellow button and then sit back and watch as the fish swim to the food. To add fish you can press the red button and to change the background you can press the green button. However, please note that these features are only available in the full paid for version. 

So as my tank only had 2 fish, I started to feed them and after 5 minutes another little fish appeared. After about 20 minutes, the 2 fish I had on the screen multiplied to 6. My tank was starting to get busy! Then I thought it was time to add some more fish, so I pressed the red button and added in some new fish from the great selection of fish available.

Another great feature is that you have the time in the top right corner, which was handy along with the date just below it.

I really liked this app as it is the best aquarium/fish app on the SmartTV to date. No other fish app can really compare to it. It’s still not perfect as the animation could still be approved, but taking into account what’s out there, it is still very good in comparison. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one as I am sure the excellent development team will continue to update the app with more features. Great app, nice fish, presented in a slick way and its free. Enjoy guys, it’s definitely worth the download.