AOL On SmartTV Video App Review

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The mighty AOL On service claims to be the web’s largest curated library of premium video, and the home of AOLOriginals, which is AOL’s own uniquely produced content brand. The channel features the latest and hottest videos in News, Entertainment, Food, Technology, plus lots more. We here at CoolSmartTV have been using the app for quite a while now and it certainly is one of our favourites so it is a real joy to share what we think of this app to you.

When you launch the app, you are immediately taken to the video show reel of AOL’s featured videos. It loads up fast and we liked the way videos were laid out. Rather than the typical ‘every video box is the same size feel’, the videos are presented in various sizes which gives the screen a more magazine like feel and also engages the user.

You simply browse left and right to change the type of videos/channel you are viewing which consist of featured, technology, news, food, entertainment and music. The amount of footage really is huge. For example in the technology section, you have access to all the TechCrunch, Engadget and CNET shows which is quite a lot of content to thrill most technology fans.

The food and drink section has lots of great cooking tips and shows. One of the shows we liked quite a lot was the show from Martha Stewart and the shows from Holiday Kitchen as we learnt a lot and actually cooked some of the dishes whilst watching the shows. The entertainment area had tons of footage too, giving us the latest gossip in Hollywood and in the film and music scene. It also had a film trailer area that we thoroughly enjoyed featuring all the latest and up and coming films from across the world. There is just so much here. Believe us when we say that you won’t be bored as the content just keeps on coming.

Another area that we liked was the CD Listening Party, which is an area where you can stream full albums in high quality and skip between tracks. There isn’t a huge amount here but the fact that you can listen to full albums is still a nice touch and we would like to see the database growing as there is a huge amount of potential with this service taking into account the popularity of online music streaming services.

From a performance perspective, the app is beautiful. It feels natural and the streams load very fast. We tested this on a 20meg and 60meg connection and practically saw no difference in the speed of the buffering so AOL’s streaming infrastructure is definitely of a high standard. The quality is high def too and it was probably one of the best examples of a clear video stream we have seen with any SmartTV app.

Overall this is probably one of my most highly used SmartTV apps as it feels great, sounds great, performs well, the video quality is amazing, there is lots of content and the content presented is enjoyable to watch. Well done AOL, you get a 5 out of 5 from us as this is a prime example of how a content provider should deliver their whilst also not compromising on a high standard. I for one will be using this for many years to come and am a big fan. Well done AOL once again!