7 Wonders of the World SmartTV App Review

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We all know that there are 7 wonderful places named the 7 wonders of the world that have to be seen. We would also like to know alot more about these places and this app sounds like something that could help us Educate ourselves on this subject.

So how does it all work? When you launch the app, your are presented with three options: ‘Ancient World’, ‘New Seven Wonders’ and ‘Other Finalists’. Each showing a different perspective of the amazing places to see in this world.

Going into, ‘Ancient World’ the app shows their representation of 7 places we must see presented in very basic non-animated graphics. You basically get 1 picture and a paragraph of text with each wonder.

As much as I liked the subject of this app, I did feel that it was not engaging enough. The graphics were poor, there was no animation and each wonder should have had more pictures/features and things to learn about. The sound was also repetitive and of very low quality.

Overall, its app that can teach you some facts about amazing places in the world, but its not the most enjoyable to use.